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When I grow up, I want to be an Olympic Champion in the Triathlon. I have had this dream since I was very little and I am determined to get there one day! I know GEMS (Singapore) will help me get there, and I believe I am already on the right track!
Photo of Emma reciving award

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is a really fantastic school and I am very proud to have won a scholarship here. It has amazing sporting facilities, which is great to train and play in! The teachers here are understanding, kind and fun. All the students are really special too.

I especially love the after-school activities (swimming, football, cross-country). In swimming, the coaches motivate us and encourage us to push our limits, which is great for a person like me, as I really enjoy challenging myself to do better. We have participated in several swimming meets, which were loads of fun. And in football, we took part in the league competitions, which was awesome!

I also remember when we hosted our inaugural swim meet with other international schools, in our brand new Olympic pool. This was my first swim meet ever and it was very well organised and entertaining. I did rather well in all my races, which made me very happy. Also, I got to see my best friend from the French school (who was participating too) and she was very impressed.  So you see, GEMS (Singapore) is a real sensation!

I like being in a school with many different nationalities because we can hear the different languages and learn about the different cultures. That’s why our Uniting Nations concert was such a great experience. It was really fun working with all the different grades and also presenting our performance to all the parents who were watching us in our impressive auditorium. Also, since this is a growing school (and we’re still quite small), virtually everyone knows everyone, so it has a wonderful ‘family feel’.

National Youth Triathlon Champion



When I grow up, I want to be a professional football player like Pelé, Maradona or Messi and play for FC Barcelona or Manchester United.  I really want to win the Champions League and the World Cup!
Photo of Elliot receiving award

I really like my teachers and the way that the school is organised.  I love all the big spaces for outdoor activities, especially the football pitch.  I am so excited to be coached by the FC Barcelona soccer school.  I hope that one day my coach will be one of the players from FC Barcelona.

We’ve had many school competitions and races which I really enjoyed, from football tournaments, swimming and cross country. I feel very comfortable competing for the school because of the great support from my friends and coaches.

National Kids Triathlon Champion



In March we are having a music concert where I will be performing a song that I have composed myself. My classical musical inspiration comes from Mozart, especially his 25th symphony.

Photo of Baptiste

I love the great facilities that we have at GEMS (Singapore). They are much better than my previous international school. The classrooms are really big and they have a lot of natural light. It is really nice to have an Olympic swimming pool. At my previous school, we had to go elsewhere for swimming lessons which did not give me much break time in between.

The most important thing for me has to be the awesome music rooms and practice rooms that allow me to pursue my passion for classical music.

I also like that the teachers explain things very well to me.

Unfortunately, Mozart’s music is very hard and I need to be at least Piano grade 5. I am only in grade 1 at the moment. However, I know that my teachers will help me get there so that one day I can play some of the great Mozart songs.

At GEMS (Singapore), I also have the opportunity to learn the violin, and one day I hope to play classical music on the violin.

Classical composer



I would like to be a singer, songwriter and performer when I am older. At GEMS (Singapore) I know these dreams will come true. Step by step I know I can make it.
Photo of Avaana

I love so many things about GEMS (Singapore)! The facilities are amazing... but what I love the most are the people. I have an awesome teacher and great classmates whom I've become so close to in such a short period of time.

There are students from eleven nationalities just in my class and I have learned so much about the different countries and cultures.

Every single day is an enjoyable experience at GEMS (Singapore).  For example, during one field trip we were all encouraged to climb a very steep rock-climbing wall, which happened to be the tallest in Singapore. I was hesitant and unsure if I could even make it halfway up. But all my friends and teachers encouraged me and cheered me on. I was one of the few who made it all the way to the top. The feeling was awesome!

Another great experience has been performing on stage, in front of an audience. I am so lucky to have had so much support from my amazing music teachers at GEMS (Singapore). Music is my passion, it is my life and I can never make it through a day without singing. I have had so many opportunities to perform and I am so happy that I have had the support to develop my talent and follow my dreams.

Singer / Songwriter



There are lots of things that I enjoy about the school. From the awesome playgrounds to the friends I have made who are so friendly and caring. In addition to this my teacher  gives me work at my level and lots of challenges.

Photo of Rhea

I really enjoy learning languages, especially Mandarin, where one day we got to make dumplings when we were learning about Chinese New Year.

Also, I got to perform at our UN Concert, where we got to write our own scripts and dance on stage. I was a Risk Taker by performing in front of an audience.

member of Mensa, Singapore.


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