Maximising athlete’s performance in sports and life

While academic achievements are important for the development of a child, involvement in sports is also important. The skills, concepts and knowledge learnt from sports can help contribute to the academic success of students.

At GEMS (Singapore) we provide a sporting environment that encourages students to push themselves to new heights. We create opportunities to participate at all levels, allowing students to develop their skills and knowledge and aim for ever higher performance targets.

Encouraging a sporting mind

The GEMS Performance Athlete Academy supports youth athletes who have demonstrated potential for becoming high-performance athletes in the future.

The programme adopts a holistic approach to training centred on the concept of long-term athletic development and the welfare of the young athlete and teaches them valuable life lessons.

The programme offers coaching support, training opportunities and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals. Partnering with other high-performance organisations, we offer numerous opportunities for coach development in various disciplines.

Danny Tauroa
Danny Tauroa: Head Coach

Danny has been involved in sports his whole life and brings a wealth of coaching experience, including a successful stint as a former head coach of the Singapore National Rugby team. Also as a GEMS (Singapore) Head of Sports, Danny aims to provide unique opportunities for our aspiring athletes to reach peak performance in sports.

Training programme 

The programme adopts professional coaching techniques, expert instruction and proven training methodologies that incorporate nutrition, psychology, injury prevention, strength and conditioning. 

 Students will train to develop their skills, knowledge and competitive instincts so they can be successful on the field and in the pool. They will also experience and understand the importance of transferable skills such as taking responsibility for their actions and learning to be an effective team player through collaboration, communication, commitment, selflessness, and hard work.