Swim to develop a winning mindset

The GEMSSwimmingg Academy presented by XLab is a unique high-performance swimming programme available to students aged 3 -18 years old. It provides a viable pathway for young swimmers to train and develop a winning mindset through swimming. 

Led by a passionate, visionary, experienced practitioners like Singapore National Olympic swimmer Mark Chay and his team, the GEMS Swimming Academy is the place where the future of international competitive swimming could begin for your child. 

Our comprehensive swimming programme covers learn-to-swim, competitive training groups and a high-performance team.

Dive in

We believe that sports are an invaluable tool for children to learn and develop themselves holistically.

Whether it is overcoming personal challenges, physical and mental, or working as a team to achieve a goal, the XLab program is designed to help kids to define, train and reach their targets.

With committed coaches and deliberately small class ratios, we ensure your child gets the most out of every class. All coaches are professionally trained and certified to handle children of different ages, motivation and learning abilities.

Mark Chay
Mark Chay: Head Coach

The GEMS Swimming Academy coaching team has a remarkable experience in professional sports and they are key to the successful development of outstanding high-performance swimmers.


Swimming Programme

We offer a comprehensive swimming curriculum for children aged 3 years old and above that will help your child succeed in the pool and in school. Our programme goes beyond just swimming techniques. We aim help your children to set goals, stay mentally tough and develop skills that will equip them to beat challenges in and out of the pool.


Learn to swim (Ages 3-16) 

Develop water-confidence and the love for swimming


Competitive swimming (Ages 6 and up)
Cultivate a winning mindset and participate at various swim meets


Master Swimming (Ages 18 and up)
From learning a new stroke to improving your professional performance


Private Training
Highly-customised programme based on your individual needs