Creating a solid foundation for future learning

The Early Years at GEMS (Singapore) is designed to lay the foundation for a love of lifelong learning. Our teachers will work with you as a parent to ensure that your child has the best learning experiences every single day. This child-centred approach lets us celebrate your child as a unique individual with strengths and abilities that are continually developing.

In the Early Years, your child will be engaged in play-based experiences that allow them to make connections with what they already know, taking them beyond the classroom to wonder and explore, always guided by their teacher. In this way, your child learns through a balanced range of experiences designed to fuel their curiosity and build confidence. 

Safe and welcoming place to learn 

Providing an engaging, developmentally appropriate and safe learning environment that supports each child’s natural curiosity is integral to everything we do at GEMS (Singapore). 

We recognise and value that your child’s emotional and social well-being is shaped from a very early age. We also know that your child is most likely to become a confident learner when in an environment in which they feel secure to express themselves without fear of judgement. 

We create this safe space in our kindergarten classes (Pre-K – KG2) by limiting class sizes to just 16 children. This allows the full-time teacher and teaching partner in your child’s class to get to know your child and tailor activities to their individual needs to bring out the best in them. 

A diverse learning environment

The Early Years Centre is equipped with facilities and resources that were designed with younger children in mind and is created to provide them with accessible and engaging spaces in which to flourish. 


Dedicated Early Years Centre


Early Years Library


Learners Swimming Pool




Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

Our Early Years teachers work as a supportive team that continually responds to every child’s evolving hunger for new knowledge and interests. Our teaching teams create and adapt the classroom environment to generate higher levels of engagement and reflect the children’s shared ownership of the learning spaces.

Learning in the Early Years 

The learning experience that your child will have with us is driven by the approaches to learning and values of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), a leading curriculum framework for international primary education. 

PYP at GEMS (Singapore) nurtures independent learning skills and encourages your child to take responsibility for their learning. The programme develops your child’s academic, social and emotional well-being while simultaneously focusing on international-mindedness and the development of strong personal values. 

Your child will learn through a stimulating inquiry-based curriculum, with a balance of discovery, play and structured work times. We provide learning experiences that are meaningful, inclusive and multi-sensory, in order to raise your child’s natural curiosity and interests through a number of engaging units of inquiry. The foundations of Mathematics and Literacy are also firmly laid here to prepare your child well for entry into Primary School. 

Click here to learn more about Assessment in the Early Years.

The Ideal Start

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