Developing the whole child as an inquirer 

In the Primary Years, we continue to build upon the foundations set in the Early Years. In this exciting stage of development, your child is forming an understanding of themselves as learners and establishing routines and thinking habits. They are also developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that will benefit them throughout their education and beyond.

Deeper Understanding

We support your child by providing integrated learning opportunities grounded in inquiry-based, international perspectives that are relevant to the real world.

This means that learning at GEMS (Singapore) is fun and made relevant for the developmental stage of your child. You’ll find that your child will be happy and excited to come to school.

An integrated Primary Years curriculum offers the best of international learning 

GEMS (Singapore) provides a programme that brings together the best practices from educational systems from around the world under the framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). We focus on the ideals of international understanding and responsible global citizenship. 

An inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning build on your child’s individual knowledge and interests. It emphasises learning ‘how to learn’ and ‘how to find out’. The PYP programme of inquiry is designed around six transdisciplinary themes that provide the framework for a highly relevant, focused and in-depth curriculum. The transdisciplinary themes are internationally applicable and promote student action. At each grade level, your child will delve into and learn about globally significant issues within the units of inquiry. Each unit of inquiry has a central idea that supports your child’s understanding of transdisciplinary themes. The central idea encourages conceptual understanding and critical thinking. Units of inquiry are driven by key concepts and related concepts that help your child construct meaning and build on prior knowledge through critical thinking and analysis across and beyond the subject areas. A balance is achieved between the programme of inquiry and the subject focus areas. Subject areas are not taught in isolation but are blended together to create learning experiences that mirror the real world. 

Mathematics, languages, science, social studies, personal, social and physical education, technology, music and art are taught through integrated units of inquiry. When studying local and global issues, we reinforce the connections between respective subjects, creating a more effective and meaningful learning experience. 

We want your child to be able to solve real-world problems by applying a more comprehensive and creative way of thinking. To achieve this, our students learn to explore subjects in a more integrated fashion, developing a robust understanding of each subject and the relationship between each subject. 

Our STEM programme adopts this approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As a result, students at GEMS (Singapore) gain a deeper, more complete understanding. And, better still, it gives them the inventive flair needed to become tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs.

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