Early/Primary Years Principal Message

GEMS Singapore June 14, 2018
Early/Primary Years Principal Message

It gets increasingly difficult each year to summarise the fantastic things that have taken place. As our school grows so does our faculty, our student body, and our parent community. This growth brings with it new ideas and perspectives that continually move us forward and help shape what we want to offer, achieve and develop.

For me, this year has been a year of true collaboration throughout our division with all members of the community working together to offer the best possible experiences for our students.

In our Early Years, there has been an explicit focus on developing learning spaces to promote play-based learning. Teachers have worked together to create flexible learning spaces whilst members of our wider school community have contributed time and materials to support these plans. These spaces have offered opportunities for creativity, role play, and investigations to name but a few. Most importantly these are becoming areas where all of our children can interact with each other beyond their individual classrooms. The children have also been involved in planning for their outdoor play, deciding which interest areas to set up for their classmates and taking responsibility for these.

Collaboration in the Primary Years has also taken many forms. Students have connected with each other, sharing their learning and understanding through presentations, assembling together as grade level teams and also buddying up with older and younger students. There has been a strong commitment to taking collaborative action.

With the holidays now upon us, we take the opportunity to again thank you for your commitment and high engagement to GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

As I have stated many times, what defines an outstanding school is not facilities, but rather the people within it. Our students have undertaken a broad range of activities and at all times have been provided excellent opportunities. Parents have engaged throughout an exhaustive range of school events. Staff have contributed energy, passion and a resolute commitment to launch a leading international school in Singapore.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Early Years and Primary Years staff for all their hard work, dedication and commitment to the children and families of this school.

To those families and students who are leaving, I wish you all the very best for the future and to those returning in August, I wish you all a very restful and enjoyable holiday break.

Safe travels!






Neil White, Early and Primary Years Principal


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