GEMS Jaguars Sports Update

GEMS Singapore June 14, 2018
GEMS Jaguars Sports Update
A big THANK YOU to all students who competed as a GEMS Jaguar in our school sports teams throughout this year.

We had an increase in playing numbers across all sports and are slowly but surely developing our sporting program.

We had many success stories throughout the year, with many of our teams placing in the top three of their leagues.

A full list of this success by season follows:

11u Boys Basketball - 3rd
11u Girls Basketball - 1st and 3rd
16u Boys Football - 2nd
Hermann Klein-Hessling - 1st in 16u ACSIS Cross Country


12U Boys Basketball - 3rd

14U Boys Football - 2nd

16u Rugby 7s - 3rd


12u Girls Football - 2nd
13u Rugby 7s - 2nd
14u Boys Basketball - 2nd
14u Girls Basketball - 2nd

Information about the full sports program for Academic Year 2018-2019 will be provided very shortly. Students and parents can start to plan what teams they might want to be involved in.


When: Monday, 20th August 2018

Note: Sign up information will be forwarded during the first week of August.


With the school timetable changing next year, the Friday Sports Enrichment Program will move to new times. All programs will run from 3.45 until 4.45pm.  For your planning, a full list of program dates follows:


Semester 1: 12 sessions starting Friday 24 August, last session on Friday 14 December

Semester 2: 17 sessions starting Friday 11 January, last session on Friday 14 June

Specific details regarding costings and program options will be provided in early August.

As always, we continue to look at ways we can make improvements in the opportunities we offer through our sports teams, academies, performance programs and participating clubs. We are already planning how this will happen in the new school year and look forward to sharing all the exciting news with you.

Thank you to all of the passionate GEMS staff who have given up their time to coach our school teams throughout the year. It truly is a big commitment and we are lucky to have so many staff members who see the value in coaching our students and are prepared to dedicate themselves to helping our students be better.

Finally, thank you, mums and dads, for your continued support and enthusiasm! Stay active, and stay safe over the summer break.







Danny Tauroa, Head of Sport

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