Middles Years (IB MYP) Visual Art Update

GEMS Singapore June 14, 2018
Middles Years (IB MYP) Visual Art Update
The Grade 6 and 7 Visual Art students have been creating fantastic art this year.

In Grade 6 our most recent creations are based on expressions and how artists have used an expression to create meaning in their artwork.

Our research led to learning the skills to observational drawing. Where the students observed and drew with detail the size, shape and forms of their face.

We then deconstructed our drawing to create our final art piece, a mixed media self-portrait.  The Grade 5's even joined in on our journey. Enjoy looking at the process and a few finished self-portraits.

Grade 7 students have reflected on the art form of Sgraffito - to scratch. An old technique that has been around since the 15th century has been recreated many ways over time. The Grade 7 students drew visual images that would reflect their personality.

On the clay tiles, the students transferred their image and began the scratching process to create the image with positive and negative space. They have created some beautifully detailed clay masterpieces.








Beth Roberts, Visual Arts Teacher

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