Performing Arts Update - GEMS Voices

GEMS Singapore June 14, 2018
Performing Arts Update - GEMS Voices
GEMS Voices & SY student lead Glee Club were asked to form a performance group for the first ever GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Grade 12 Graduation held at The Hilton Hotel on June 1st, 2018.

GEMS Voices took the form of 19 performers (16 singers and 3 musicians) from Grade 9 to Grade 11 under the leadership of Ms Manson, Mrs Fenton and Ms Cutiongco.

Student representative and performance group captain, Samar Roy (Grade 11) discussed song choices with the graduating students and ran a survey to identify their preferences to ensure that the entertainment items were for and in their honour.

With the repertoire chosen by the Grade 12’s themselves, GEMS Voices set rigorous rehearsals in every effort to prepare a polished performance they could be proud of.

Wearing their signature, all black, formally clad, Samar Roy lead the ensemble in it’s first item, “I Was Here” by Beyonce with fellow Grade 11’s Helmi Yatim and Emily Hughes and Grade 9’s  Avaana Harvey and Benaia Deaitta Husudo delivering dynamic, powerful vocals, in two-part harmony, to start things off.

Later in the ceremony, GEMS Voices took the stage again, to perform “Man in The Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Soloists were framed by the interpretive movement from the group behind them and the full ensemble performed in 3 part harmony, with movement. With Dhafin Praditya Rizaldi (Grade 9) on piano, Joshua Grundhoefer (Grade 9) on guitar and Joao Ortega (Grade 9) on the drum, GEMS Voices delivered a polished, upbeat version of the song.

Finally, GEMS Voices performed “From Now On” from The Greatest Showman in a celebratory anthem which played out through the procession of the newly Graduating class of 2018. The performance group succeeded in presenting a high standard of vocal ensemble and overall performance.

More recently, GEMS Voices was invited to perform at the Family Fun day and the end of year Awards Assembly. Sadly, our G11 performers were not able to join us for the Family Fun Day performance as they were on a school trip and so to fill the gaps and grow the group, we invited more students to join us and learn the existing repertoire. This performance was more casual and fun, allowing new recruits to practice the songs.

For the assembly, however, we once again upgraded our performance and adjusted the staging to suit the venue and occasion. With 45 performers from Grade 6 to Grade 11, it was a wonderful send-off and conclusion to the school year.

GEMS Voices (performance group) will continue to learn new repertoire and perform at various events in the new school year.







Mandi Manson, Drama Teacher

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