Design, creativity and innovation 

Our world is evolving more rapidly than the capacity of any existing education system. The challenge of learning is becoming progressively harder.

That is why we want your child to be able to solve real-world problems by applying a more comprehensive and creative way of thinking. To achieve this, our students learn to explore subjects in a more integrated fashion, developing a robust understanding of each subject and the relationship between each subject, and use design thinking methods to unleash creativity and explore innovative solutions.

This interdisciplinary approach to education allows GEMS students to hone their analytical thinking skills, while simultaneously providing them with the resources needed to develop creative reasoning. Not only will your child learn the “traditional” skills they need to thrive in their careers, but they will also enjoy learning and finding creative solutions for pressing real-world problems


Delivering skills for the future

In the Primary Years, our STEM programme empowers our students through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students are given open-ended tasks that can be solved using cross-curricular skills that they have been learning in regular classes. Students make connections between subjects’ using this interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning approach, gaining a deeper, more complete understanding.


Unlock your child’s inventive potential

We believe that innovation and creativity are fundamental to all subjects and that design is the link between innovation and creativity. In the Secondary Years, we aim to develop creative thinking to enable students to apply their imagination while they enquire, generate ideas, explore, experiment and solve problems through a “design thinking” approach, which relies on the human ability to be intuitive, inventive, solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. This process involves observation, discovery, framing the opportunity and scope of innovation, generating creative ideas, testing and refining solutions.


Building tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs

At GEMS (Singapore), we provide a learning environment that makes students feel comfortable and confident. We create opportunities that allow them to apply their skills and knowledge to solve problems in contexts that are relevant to them. The GEMS Design Centre is fully equipped with the latest design technologies to provide your child with the inventive flair needed to become tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs.

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