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    and Mission


Why is GEMS World Academy (Singapore) here?

We strive to deliver quality education for all, and this is why we are at the forefront of educational conversations. GEMS (Singapore) represents GEMS Education’s commitment to bringing these outcomes to Asia.


To be the acknowledged leader of excellence in international education across Asia.

Our school represents a truly international environment in which each student has the opportunity to excel while making significant and valued contributions to their local community as well as the wider world in which we all live.


We commit to providing outstanding learning opportunities through an environment of mutual respect, transparency and engagement.

Our core values: the foundation of everything we do

We believe academic learning should be accompanied by a strong set of values that help our students make the right choices and decisions at every stage of their lives. The core values we champion every day – Global Citizenship, Pursuing Excellence, Growing by Learning and Leading through Innovation – are what makes our approach unique.

They are woven into every part of our international curriculum and reinforce the importance we place on an international outlook, diversity and innovation. This value system helps our students hone their character, talents and personal leadership skills to achieve their full potential in an increasingly connected world. We also believe that our educational values go hand in hand with human values such as compassion, honesty, kindness and social conscience, ensuring our students’ growth on all levels. This is a cornerstone of the family approach that is so important at GEMS Education.

GEMS World Academy - Singapore


Global vision

Our parent group, GEMS Education, operates a global network of award-winning international schools, educating over 250,000 students from 151 countries.

Our community of partner organisations who support our passion for promoting access to high quality education around the world include UNESCO and the World Economic Forum.

GEMS Education’s vision is reflected in one of our four core values:



Leading through innovation

Find the courage to challenge convention


We dare to dream of the possibilities


No idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our learners and our people



Pursuing excellence

Work to continually exceed expectations


Just as we set educational standards for our schools, we ensure that everything we do is delivered to a high standard


We go the extra mile for our students and our colleagues



Growing by learning

Strive to develop your potential


Along with our students, we never stop learning


Each and every one of us has the capacity for leadership





Global citizenship

Making an active contribution to your local and global community


We respect and celebrate our diversity and recognize that there are many things that unite us all

We make a difference in our local communities so that we can build a sustainable planet to share

We build bridges of knowledge, push boundaries and unite young people.

We aim to produce not just great students, but great people who live with honesty, confidence and integrity


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