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    from the Head of School


We see genius in every child

It is my privilege to be leading the community at GEMS World Academy (Singapore). After working in education for over 30 years, across four continents, it is a pleasure to be working in this vibrant and exciting educational environment. We have an extremely dedicated team of teachers and support staff who are highly motivated and engage in supporting the development of our children.

To achieve this mission, it is the responsibility of all our teachers to ensure that students at GEMS (Singapore) receive the individualised attention necessary so that each child can achieve their best. We have an active parent association and I personally encourage all parents to be active members of our GEMS (Singapore) community and engage regularly with teachers and school leaders regarding the development of their children.


Nurturing the whole child

I am proud to be a member of this school community and am confident that the educational experience at GEMS (Singapore) caters for all dimensions of a child’s intellectual, social and physical well-being while also fostering their individual talents.

Our children learn to develop every facet of themselves through programmes and activities guided by our four core values of Global Citizenship, Pursuing Excellence, Growing by Learning and Leading through Innovation. In this way, they can shine in any part of the world.

Our school represents a truly international environment in which each student has the opportunity to excel while making significant and valued contributions to their local community as well as the wider world in which we all live.

GEMS World Academy - Singapore


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