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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Claire Rimmer, Arts Subject Leader January 24, 2020
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This week saw the enormously successful SY production of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", with a total cast of 28 students from G6 to G12 (a crew of 70 students in total). Some faces you may have seen before on our stage whilst 14 of the 28 are performing for the first time in a GEMS Production and 7 out of the 10 "lead roles" are first time performers in a GEMS Production. Some of our actors and actresses you may associate more naturally with their sporting prowess which is why it’s even more exciting to see the show and see how versatile our student body at GEMS can be.

"A Midsummer Night’s Dream" is an intriguing tale that has been adapted and modified in a multitude of performances over many years around the world. It is one of Shakespeare's most popular works, a one-act annotated version of Shakespeare’s magical tale of mischievous fairies and love potions.

Students and staff have worked tirelessly to create this magical and very professional experience. Many hours have been spent rehearsing and choreographing, stitching and shopping, painting and welding, tweaking the technical side and finding the perfect projections. The creative process mirrors the routines we go through in our daily learning environments; gaining knowledge, giving and receiving feedback and learning to reflect, respond and react to both context and concepts and of course balancing many different commitments with only 24hrs in the day. We are very, very proud of our students and all they have achieved, both in their own individual growth on the stage and their selfless attitude to supporting and encouraging others.

'There is an explicit focus on the Arts at our school because we recognise and respect the importance of its impact on our lives. Through theatre, dance, musical performances and visual arts we can express our human traits...our feelings, emotions and connections with others. Playing a part in this production enables our students to develop their communication skills, feel safe to take risks, and become more open-minded and respectful of others. Not to mention that they also become better at time management as they have to balance their daily schedules with the pressures of rehearsals." Richard Henry

Huge thanks go to all the production team and wonderful volunteers, but a special mention has to go to Ms Manson, whose artistic vision and inspiring professional conduct are the foundation of this fabulous final outcome, constantly assisted and supported by the dedicated Ms.Thomson, Ms Gravina and her team of seamstresses for the "on point" costumes, and all of the students who took on specialist roles and responsibilities to make this show happen. Student agency is alive and well at GEMS (Singapore). The skills and insights students have brought to the show have been invaluable!

We hope you managed to see the show live to gain the full experience, however, if you didn’t please look out for the recording that will be shared soon. We leave you with just some of the many photos taken that so beautifully capture the performance.


Claire Rimmer
Arts Subject Leader