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Arts Update

Claire Rimmer, Arts Subject Leader December 13, 2019
Arts Update

The first Semester has been jam-packed with amazing Art activities. We have a lot to celebrate in the Arts as we draw to the end of this semester and students should be very proud of their achievements. We are regularly impressed, amazed and surprised by student’s achievements. It is a pleasure to see students be such amazing risk-takers, taking on roles they wouldn’t normally aspire to and challenge themselves with new media or musical instruments. 

Across all grades, students have demonstrated a balance of critical and creative thinking and embraced the opportunities to work collaboratively and independently.  From being fabulous communicators memorising the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and creating and performing with unique handmade shadow puppets in Drama; inquiring into the work of others that lead to exploring delicate colour palettes through abstract watercolour work and tactile collagraph prints and appropriated ceramic sculptures in art and of course student’s open-minded approach to body percussion, acapella and developing ensemble work in music, there is diversity in all they do and in the skills they learn.

We have been delighted in the caring and positive approach we have seen from students when viewing and reflecting on the work of others. They have been principled in their approach, supportive audience members and both knowledgeable and reflective in their responses. 

We would like to finish with a reminder to all students and spot of homework for parents. As IB Learners we should all be reflective and be mindful of the fact that as individuals our attitudes and efforts determine our grades, words, choices, actions and ultimately our success. We invite all students to use the time to reflect on strengths and current ‘limiters’ and make personal goals to improve what is needed when we come back in the new year.

As parents, we encourage you all to help your children continue their appreciation and interaction of the arts and become apart of the process too. In this digital age, our phones often connect us and isolate us at the same time. Whether it be taking it in turns to pick a song at the dinner table or on long journeys, and discussing the merits or the diversity of playlist, (my eldest loves rap, whilst my youngest loves Queen), playing ‘charades’ and acting the fool, (you might be surprised by people’s talents), going to see a show or movie as a family, indulging in the quick draw fun of ‘pictionary’ (a personal favourite) or discussing why you do, or do not like particular artworks and styles (Banana and duct tape anyone?)......it’s worth taking the time to enjoy the arts together, more frequently in a variety of ways.

Happy Holidays All and here’s to lots more creative fun in January AND two fabulous performances to look forward to. 

Secondary Years Presents "A Midsummer’s Night Dream"

Dates: 22nd, 23rd, 24th January 2020

Primary Years Presents  “Seussical” 

Dates: TBC (end of  May 2020)


Claire Rimmer
Arts Subject Leader,
Visual Arts Teacher