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Early & Primary Years News

Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal November 21, 2019
Early & Primary Years News

Language & Cultural Week 

The Language & Cultural Week is a very remarkable event at GEMS (Singapore)! 

It was fantastic to see families enjoying themselves, meeting new friends and having a great experience during the legendary GEMS Food Fair. It was great to see all the students involved in various cultural activities from Primary Years poster competition to tongue twisters and language showcase. Students, parents and all members of the GEMS Community have had a great week and enjoyed the festive atmosphere in the school. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the different cultures and to bring the community together in such a meaningful way.

I would like to thank our Early & Primary Years Languages Team for planning and coordinating such a wonderful Language & Cultural week. I know how much work goes into preparing and running an event like this. 

Thank you to the Early & Primary Years teachers as well as teaching partners for helping students during the language show and contributing wonderful for the opening video. 

Finally, a big thank you to our Parent Community for all their support and involvement during the week, especially with the cultural food fair and displays in the main foyer. We truly appreciate your support and involvement!

Early & Primary Years Sports Day Events

This week we’ve hosted both the Early Years and Primary Years Sports Day events. The purpose of our Sports Days is to celebrate student learning, participate in friendly games and most importantly, to have fun. 

I would like to thank our PE team, Mr Diedericks, Mr Coady and Ms Kenny for coordinating these events, our teachers and teaching partners for their support to all the Early & Primary Years children, and our Parent volunteers for dedicating their time and supporting both events.

Enjoy a great video from Ms Kenny. 


Teacher Professional Development Day 

Although our learners have had a day off on Friday,  the GEMS faculty and Education Leadership Team have been working hard all day. In the Early and Primary Years division, our discussions and workshops have been focused on assessments (vertical and horizontal, formative and summative) and key curriculum areas such as reading, writing, spelling and mathematics to further strengthen and improve our existing PYP curriculum. 

School Photos

The photoshoot will be taking place between Monday, 25th November and Friday, 29th November 2019. All classes have been allocated a suitable time for their photographs within the week and this information can be obtained from your child’s class teacher.

Please note that all students are required to wear their formal school uniform which is outlined in our student handbook. I would like to highlight that ties for both boys and girls will not be required. However, appropriate black school shoes are required.

In the coming weeks, you will receive ordering information directly from our photographers as well as anticipated delivery times. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher for further information.

Parent Engagement Workshops

Our Parent Engagement Workshops are designed to assist our parents in understanding and supporting their child’s learning. Check out our upcoming workshops and join us to learn great tips on how to support your child at home.


Maths in the PYP (Part II)

There has been a big shift from the way we used to learn maths in school to what is considered best practice today. Following on from our first Maths in the PYP parent engagement session, join the second workshop to learn more about the progression of mathematical concepts, what maths instruction looks like in the PYP from lessons to assessments and what you can do to support your child at home. 

Date: Wednesday, 4 December
Time: 9:00 - 10:30am
Location: Auditorium Lobby
RSVP: Click here


Unpacking our New EY/PY Report Card

Following the PYP framework, the phases together represent the developmental continuum of learning.  The grade level bands are colourful and pretty, but what does this really mean? How does a teacher decide which phase my child is in?  Join us for a session as we unpack how our report card reflects our approach and your child's journey of learning.

Date: Friday, 6 December 
Time: TBC
Location: Auditorium Lobby
RSVP: Click here


Preparing Our Students for the Future

This workshop will focus on some concepts and predictions surrounding students’ futures and some things schools should be doing to prepare them. What is your definition of success for your child? How does your definition of success impact what you would like them to experience at school? How can we equip students to thrive in the future where disruption and globalization will need to be navigated more than ever before? 

Date: Tuesday, 14 January
Time: 9:00 - 10:00am
Location: Auditorium Lobby
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Boost Your Child’s Brain Power

The fact is that your baby's brain contains 100 billion neurons that need to be wired for optimal learning! But here’s the thing: the rule for brain wiring - use it or lose it! Synapses that are not "wired together" through stimulation are lost during a child’s school years.  Join our expert, Dr Inderbir Sandhu (author of ‘The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child’) for an interactive session to uncover a few proven and effective ways to give your child’s brain an early head start and put them ahead of the game!

Date: Wednesday, 29 January
Time: 9:00 - 10:00 am
Location: Auditorium Lobby
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Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend ahead!


Neil White
Early & Primary Years Principal