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Embarking On A Creative Journey

Claire Rimmer, Arts Subject Leader September 13, 2019
Embarking On A Creative Journey

It’s been a great start to the year in all areas of the school and the ARTS are no exception. Auditions have been held for this years Secondary Years show (more to come below), Gems Voices have rocked it at a recent school assembly and many musicians have been coming out of the woodwork to join the rock band and newly formed strings ensemble.  One of a kind student-designed murals are appearing on the walls around schools and we have two Open Mic performances planned towards the end of the term. This week our DP Visual Arts students also had the opportunity to explore cultural connections at the Asian Civilisation Museum, viewing the Guo Pei- Chinese art & Culture exhibition. A stunning collection of work that celebrates heritage through visual artistry.

Visual Arts

Just like previous years, the Visual Arts team have initiated a fantastic whole school project which involves students from Early Years through to Diploma Programme. Our budding artists have been inquiring into the culture and its meaning, identifying which cultures they connect with and how best they can represent their associated colours and imagery in a visual way. Students have drawn on their knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design to create beautiful, unique designs. In some cases, they have combined their artistic knowledge with transferring their maths skills of tessellation and lines of symmetry. Some classes have explored identity within the culture and celebrated the similarities and differences. Other students have focused more on carefully crafted colour palettes or application of line and shape to create a pattern. All have been reflective in their responses and drawn from personal experience and the world around them. The end result is a wonderful reflection of our students’ creativity and our community's diversity. 

We look forward to sharing this with you during Arts Week for everyone to see!



Performing Arts 

This school year the Arts Department will present "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" by William Shakespeare on 22, 23, 24 January 2019. With unwavering support from leadership, staff and teachers, we have already completed the audition process, selected and announced the cast and commenced the rehearsal process. With a cast of 30 students ranging from Grade 6 to Grade 12 and many more students involved in the making of props, sets, costumes and on the backstage crew, this is sure to be a community-wide endeavour of impressive proportions. 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a classic tale of mischievous fairies and love, set in the Athenian woods. It is a great blend of comedy and romance. GEMS World Academy (Singapore) will present a one-act annotated version of Shakespeare's magical play (cutting and notes by Lindsay Price from the original by Shakespeare).


Photos: The first reading of the script with the full cast; Rehearsals begin, and four of the lead actors, Avaana Harvey (G11), Elizabeth Chernyak (G11), John Capetta (G12) and Maahin Bose (G12), learning to trust each other and practising some physical theatre lifts.


The students have set off at a running pace this semester, by developing their performing or creating skills, and applying music theory skills to improve themselves.  

Grade 7’s have set off from where they have last year by developing their ukulele skills but at a deeper level. We have worked as a group developing chord and rhythm skills. Each student has then demonstrated their individual ukulele skills and has been able to develop at their own pace, by selecting a song they have had to develop and perform. 

Students in Grade 8 and Grade 9 have been developing and demonstrating their creating skills. Grade 8’s have been developing electronic production by using Garageband but by using everyday objects to create rhythms and beats and upload into a sampler and understand what chord progressions are and use that as a framework for their music.

Grade 9’s have undertaken musical research before creating their song. By understanding the meaning, context and the musical elements of a song they have used that to create their own piece of music. They produced a presentation demonstrating their understanding and are undertaking their songwriting by creating all of the elements of a song. 


The Grade 10’s have been developing performance skills and how to prepare for a performance. They have also looked at how they practise and understanding the importance of setting goals, planning, recording and reflecting on their practice. 

What’s coming up?

General overview for the week follows a similar format to last year; Lunchtime workshops & performances - developing skills and an appreciation for music, art, drama, dance and creativity, many of which require sign-ups. Plus 'open to all' activities in the library and playground/canteen area. On Wednesday we have our unique artist’s showcase and on Friday both PY and SY students will be involved in a fabulous range of performances for Open Mic.

Please go through the options available and help your child sign up to attend the various workshops on offer. Once workshops are full or the cut off time is reached (Thursday 19th September), sign-ups will no longer be available. You will receive an immediate notification to the email you include.

Reminder: Friday 27th is a 'House colours' Free dress day - please help your child dress in school appropriate house colours on this day - with some added creativity and even a circus theme vibe if they are risk-takers!

Arts Week Overview: Click here to review
SY & PY Workshops Sign Up Form: Click here to sign up (Please scroll down for PY).
EY Sign Up Form: No need to sign up. Various activities will be taking place in their classes.
Wednesday showcase: Anyone still keen to sign up to display their artistic skills, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Claire Rimmer at  c.rimmer@gwa.edu.sg


Claire Rimmer
Arts Subject Leader