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Help Us to Make a Difference

Brandon, Chloe & Vaishnav, GEMS Primary Years Students November 21, 2019
Help Us to Make a Difference

Hello! Please let us introduce ourselves: Brandon Hall (Grade 5), Vaishnav Krishna Prabhu (Grade 4) and Chloe Hall (Grade 1).  We would like to share with you how we have become actively involved with the FoodBank and how you can help too.   


I (Vaishnav) love going out to malls and eating out. Every time I eat out, I have noticed that the table next to me usually leaves with unfinished food and the next thing that happens is it goes to trash. Later when I googled it, I found that the amount of food wasted globally could feed starving people 4 times.  Did you know that Singaporeans waste over 788600 tonnes of food every year? And it keeps increasing!

I felt I could do something about this, so with my mom’s help, we volunteered at the food bank where people can donate food.  This then gets collected and given to the needy. As part of this initiative, I joined the foodbank junior club, and my first volunteer work was to distribute food to senior citizens with very low incomes who find it hard to put food on their table.  I realised I could do much more.          

For me (Brandon), my homework was to find out how GEMS could be more involved in charity work. We looked into local charities and contacted the food bank to see how we could help.  Chloe and I used our pocket money to buy food cupboard necessities. We took our food donations to the food bank and met Mr Jason, who explained how the food bank operates, and also how necessary the need for a food bank really was. 


Did you know?

  • 1/4 of Singaporeans need to use the food bank, and 1/10 of Singaporeans are financially insecure
  • 520 tonnes of food passes through the food bank every year
  • only 5 staff work at the food bank and the rest are all volunteers

We would like to encourage all of you to help make a difference.  Help us fill the shelves of the food bank! They need things like rice, canned foods, UHT milk, milo, coffee, noodles, crackers, powdered milk, washing powder and stationary. 

The collection point will be under the main staircase in the main foyer, from November 15 until the 6th of December.  There will also be a collection box at the parent relation desk where money can be donated to help with fuel costs for deliveries to the needy.


Please help us fill these shelves! 










Thank you,
Brandon, Vaishnav & Chloe