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Stimulating young imaginations and developing creativity

Visual Arts Team November 8, 2019
Stimulating young imaginations and developing creativity

After a fantastic start to the year with the whole school coming together with the beautiful display of cultural tiles, we’ve swiftly moved into independent grade-level units. 

Primary Years Update

Primary Years students are currently very busy with a range of exciting art projects. They are exploring a variety of materials and processes throughout the year in art, with most projects woven into the programme of inquiry.

Grade 1 students have been exploring how books, images and the production process have changed over time. During their art lessons, they've been working with a variety of textured materials and creating a collagraph plate that we are planning to use for the production of a print edition.

Grade 2 students have been exploring the distinctive features of comics in conjunction with their current unit of inquiry 'How We Express Ourselves'. During their art lessons, they have illustrated a segment of a well-known fairytale, focusing on the use of visual clues to relate a narrative. 

Grade 3 students have been investigating Leonardo da Vinci’s discoveries about the phenomenon of flight. Students are putting the finishing touches to their balsa wood glider and eagerly await the time when they will be able to take it for a test flight. 

Grade 4 students have been interpreting artworks with secret and important messages. Thinking about why famous artists have placed hidden meanings in their artworks and what they were trying to say through the art they have created. 

Grade 5 students have been exploring a variety of descriptive words and art associated vocabulary to analyse the elements and principles of art. They are currently working on a multi-media art installation to raise awareness about the world’s remaining rainforests. 


Secondary Years & High School Update

In the meantime, in the Secondary Years and High School students have been busy with very interesting projects.

Grade 6 students have been researching the history of cultural masks from different cultures and parts of the world. Each student is now working on the design of their own mask that will incorporate motives and cultural features from the original cultural masks. They will soon begin the plaster process of creating a mask. 

Grade 7 students are exploring the history of renaissance architecture, styles and features while also searching for a building that would make a great inspiration for building’s facade mini relief sculpture. 

Grade 8 students received an interesting task to find artists of their choice (from traditional painters to comic illustrators) who have promoted interesting discussions about inspiration and influence. This “new-found” knowledge will inspire students to create their own contemporary artworks in the style of their chosen artist.

Grade 9 students have been developing a deeper understanding of the elements of art and how artists manipulate these elements.

Grade 10 students have been inquiring about the ‘Sense of place” and integrating mixed media skills with their thoughts, feelings and aspirations. 

Grade 11 and 12 Diploma Programme students had a great opportunity to apply their critical thinking skills to a series of comparative study tasks. They demonstrated the complexity of their practical abilities and conceptual understandings. 


IN Art Exhibition 

We would like to congratulate all Grade 12 students who have had their work selected for the display at the Australian High Commission during the annual IN Art Exhibition. The exhibition showcased fantastic art pieces from 16 different international schools in and around Singapore. 

You are all invited to see this impressive exhibition for free each day from 10:00 am-4:00 pm at the Australian High Commission, Monday-Friday until 10th January!


Karen Paris, Beth Roberts and Claire Rimmer
Visual Arts Team